Long Term International

Long Term International

Most not for profit organizations have a call to do something for the greater good of humanity. These groups have a mission and purpose. There are times that this "call" requires an individual person, a family or a group to venture far beyond the boundaries of the United States.


Regardless of whether you or a large organization or an individual planning to serve outside the US for an assignment of several years or a lifetime; it is prudent to ensure that you have the tools to allow you to do this essential work. Gallagher Charitable provides the International Insurance solutions needed so that you have the ability to serve.


Gallagher Charitable partners with international insurance companies like: IMG, MetLife, Cigna International, Azimuth and more. Please contact us to coordinate the coverage for the group or an individual leaving the US for a long term assignment.


We offer the following Long Term Insurance programs for Groups or Individuals:


  • Group Medical, Dental, Life
  • Group Self-Funded Medical Programs
  • Individual Life
  • Crisis Insurance Coverage
  • International Personal Property
  • Foreign General Liability
  • International Medical Malpractice
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Expatriate Prescription Services
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Disability
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation