Medical Professional Liability Benefits

Medical missionaries and volunteer medical groups have asked us to provide medical professional liability coverage for them while they were overseas. We have encountered roadblocks to providing this coverage, including very high minimum premiums, limited coverage and lack of availability in many locations.

While we are not able to provide this coverage, we have found a provider for both short term and career medical missionaries and related medical personnel — International Helpers Trust

Volunteer Groups & Individuals (short term)

If you are eligible, coverage is provided for short term projects outside the U.S., ranging from $9.37 to $19.81 per day depending on medical specialty. Quotes are available from International Helpers Trust.

Individuals affiliated with non-profit and charitable organizations and groups sponsored by these organizations may participate. Physicians, surgeons, nurses and medical technicians may participate.

Groups & Individuals Permanently Stationed Abroad

Individual physicians, surgeons, nurses and medical technicians or groups stationed abroad for long periods may participate on an annual basis. Enrollment costs range from $941.85 to $3,324.91 per year, depending on specialty. Specific pricing is available from International Helpers Trust.